5 Tokyo Hotels With Epic Views

Sleeping in a city of skyscrapers is all about the view

by Iona Goulder
Nov 3 2016, 12:00am

Anyone who’s been to Tokyo will be no stranger to the sensorial overload you experience when you get there. It’s unimaginably huge and hectic; buildings packed one on top of the other, neon lights, and an endless stream of human traffic. In this vast city of skyscrapers your hotel is all about the view. These are the hotels where you’ll find it…

Park Hyatt


Sofia Coppola’s setting for the cult classic, Lost In Translation, has hardly changed since the 2003 movie. Head to the pool and you’ll probably find an aqua aerobic class going on. Listen to some live jazz at the New York bar and someone will start up a conversation over the long black bar. It’s a nostalgic hotel, complete with all the 1990s fixtures (even the tracksuits you can borrow for the gym haven’t changed) that made it so iconic when Coppola first visited. Located at the top of Shinjuku Park Tower, Park Hyatt looks out onto Mount Fuji on one side and Tokyo on the other.

Double rooms start at £600/night. tokyo.park.hyatt.com

Andaz Toronamon Hills


Park Hyatt’s sister hotel, Andaz, is popular with Tokyo’s international creative crowd. The vibe is more “home” than hotel. You can switch between fresh matcha and cocktails in the lobby everyday. With easy access to Shibuya and Omotesando you get why it’s so popular. All the rooms have hot tub sized baths and floor-to-ceiling height windows that look out over Tokyo harbour and the city. Be sure to check out the rooftop bar, which is packed on Tokyo’s balmy summer nights.

Double rooms start at £350/night. tokyo.andaz.hyatt.com

Prince Park Tower


For views of Tokyo Tower, Prince Park Tower is the one. And with a newly refurbished Premium Club Floor you can stay practically at the top of it. The hotel has a mix of traditional and modern suites (depending on how much you like sleeping on tatami mats) and the Premium Club Floor gives you unlimited drinks and snacks all day.

Double rooms on the Premium Club Floor start at £380/night. princehotels.com



One of Tokyo’s newest hotels is also home to one of the city’s ancient hot springs. Japanese onsens are known for their healing properties and this one, set in jet black stone and dim-lit light, is definitely one of the most striking. The hotel takes design cues from the traditional Japanese ryokan – as soon as you arrive you’re bare foot, and tatami flooring and natural wood feature throughout. The hotel is near the Imperial Palace and close by to shops like Dover Street Market Ginza and BEAMS.

Double rooms start at £600/night. hoshinoyatokyo.com

Aman Tokyo

Already known for their tropical retreats in Southeast Asia, Aman resorts’ Tokyo outpost brings nature to the city. Designed by Kerry Hill Architects, the camphor wood and stone interiors are the perfect space to find some zen. The central lobby is a 4,500 sq ft paper lantern, and an entire wall made of glass gives way to a pretty incredible view of Mount Fuji. The rooms are massive, by Tokyo standards, and the high altitude spa located on level 34 is ideal for some urban escapism.

Double rooms start at £700/night.