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From boutique boltholes to the Plaza itself, these are the best hotels in New York City

by Jonathan Turton
Sep 9 2018, 8:57pm

This month’s ‘Departures’ provides you with information on ‘better’ things to do in NYC – it’s our guide to everything and everywhere the discerning traveller needs to know: From the best bars in NYC and the best restaurants in NYC, to the best New York hotels, and the city’s most impressive buildings and streets.

Although you shouldn’t spend an awful lot of time at your digs in New York, a sweet spot to rest your head at night is always welcome. And the city being what it is, the best hotels in New York are among the best in the world.

Best Hotels in New York #1: The Ludlow

Photo: Courtesy of The Ludlow

If The Strokes were a hotel, they’d be The Ludlow on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Luxuriously hip and within spitting distance of some of LES’s best bars and hangouts, The Ludlow has developed a reputation as a go-to for debonair, affluent thirty-somethings.

Reasonably priced with great transport links to Brooklyn, The Ludlow should be high on the list of any indie-lover looking for a stylish room in the city. Is This it? This is it.

Best Hotels in New York #2: The William Vale

Photo: Courtesy of The William Vale

When it comes to trending hotels in New York, The William Vale is the new kid on the block. It’s rooftop, which has a pool on it, and has arguably the best views of the Manhattan skyline, period. A facet that their all-balcony rooms also maximise to the fullest.

Located in up-and-came Williamsburg (the transformation from left-of-centre hippie-hole to mini-Manhattan is complete), this independent hotel is leading the way when it comes to contemporary design and hotel culture in the city.

Best Hotels in New York #3: The Box House

Photo: Courtesy of The Box House

Situated in industrial chic Greenpoint, North Brooklyn, The Box House Hotel is the most quaint option in our line up. With each room tastefully decorated with contemporary art and antiques, their apartment-style rooms have a touch of home about them.

With a growing number of cool bars and restaurants in the vicinity, would-be bookers shouldn’t be put off by the untraditional NY location. For the doubters out there, The Box House has an original 70s New York Yellow Cab, which offers free shuttles to guests to and from the city each day and evening. Fuhgetaboutit.

Best Hotels in New York #4: The Plaza

Photo: Robert Cutts, via Flickr

What can we say about The Plaza that hasn’t already been uttered? Featured in everything from Home Alone to The Great Gatsby, it’s the classic New York hotel – if your budget fits.

The views of Central Park from its rooms are much coveted, as are many of its unique features, from the butler on each floor to its shopping mall.

In the disposable culture of today, rarely do things stand the test of time. People will be writing nice stuff about The Plaza come next century.

Best Hotels in New York #5: The Standard, High Line

Photo: Andrew Dupont, via Flickr

Upon completion, The Archetype Review described The Standard as “straightforward, [and] thoughtfully conceived, [something] that is all too rare in the city today.” Well said, architecture journalist of 2009.

Located in the Meatpacking District, the hotel’s Le Corbusier-inspired design reflects the gritty yet refined feel of the neighbourhood.

With an expansive ground level courtyard containing a restaurant and beer hall, as well Le Bain – a penthouse discothèque and rooftop bar on the top floor – The Standard seamlessly accommodates guests as well as locals.

Jonathan Turton is a Liverpool-born freelance journalist, based in New York City. Keep up with him on Twitter.

The header, of a busy New York crossing, was taken by Jörg Schubert.

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