Urban Palettes Episode 5 | Indoor Spaces in Montreal

Exploring Montreal’s impressive interior design scene

by Amuse Team
Nov 29 2018, 3:41pm


Welcome to Urban Palettes - a new series that showcases art and design culture across Canada through its people and spaces.

In our second Montreal episode, our host Rosalie Bonenfant shows off the stylish interior design that makes the city’s offerings so unique.

Our tour begins at Bota Bota - a beloved local spa created out of an old boat in the Old Port neighbourhood. Permanently docked and floating the in water, this multi-floor space is truly one-of-a-kind. Next, Rosalie meets local designer Kyle Goforth who shows off his latest project - Elena. Recently named one of Canada’s best new restaurants, Elena’s beautiful design helps create a special dining experience.

Urban Palettes