Italian Castles | How to Get Your Hands on a Castle for Free

And they’re looking for anyone under 40…

by Amuse Team
May 29 2017, 11:00pm

Who hasn’t wanted to run away and live in a castle nestled deep in the Italian hillsides? Well, now your dream can actually become a reality.

Photo by Federico Lorenzo Barra on Unsplash

A new scheme founded by Italy’s government-run State Property Agency sees the country giving away exactly 103 castles, towers, inns, farmhouses and medieval monasteries… for free. The properties are spread across eight historic districts in Italy (fortunately they’re all dotted along the country’s incredible coastline from the North all the way down to Sicily).

There’s a very slight catch to the freebie – if you manage to get your hands on one of these abandoned properties, you have to turn the building into a functioning site for tourists. Be it a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, it’s just got to be of use.

For a chance to snag a castle, all you have to do is submit a building proposal on their website, specifying how you plan to turn the disused property into a hotspot. Special preference is given to millennials (those under 40) FYI.