Born To: Finding Freedom Through Extreme Sports

Introducing a new video series following thrill-seeking athletes who don’t crack under pressure

by Amuse Team
Oct 1 2015, 11:58am

From practicing yoga while listening to death metal, travelling to a sauna in the Arctic Circle, or eating tonnes of kale; here at Amuse, we’re pretty interested in the lengths some of us go to for health and happiness. And we’re about to go deeper, higher and further with Born To—our new video series made in conjunction with TAG Heuer—where we follow some of the most naturally talented sportspeople around their world as they risk their lives pushing their bodies to the limit, and beyond.

And here’s a head’s up: the first episode is deep. Over a hundred metres deep, down into the big blue of the Mediterranean. Born To: Freediving follows Stig Pryds, the free diving champion whose life threatening illness pushed him to smash records time and time again, and the Hawaii-raised diver Ocean Ramsey to Cyprus as she holds her breath for over five minutes in search of the endangered Mediterranean giant sea turtle. Take a deep breathe and dive with us on October 15th.

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