Under The Sea | The World’s First Semi-Submerged Art Gallery Opens in the Maldives

We deep dive into art's new underwater hot-spot

by Emma Specter
Oct 12 2018, 7:10am

The world’s first “semi-submerged” underwater art gallery has opened in the Maldives, and Ariel is shook. The gallery is an initiative of the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, part of a luxury hotel chain you might know from when your rich boyfriend’s parents were last in town (pro tip: Fairmont toiletries are all Le Labo and ripe for the plucking). But unless you’re dating the Loch Ness monster (no judgment!), it’s guaranteed you haven’t experienced a hotel or gallery like this before.

“Coralarium” is the brainchild of British artist Jason deCaires Taylor, who has previously created underwater works in Mexico, Grenada, and the Canary Islands, according to Smithsonian magazine. His latest endeavor takes visitors on a snorkeling excursion from a swimming pool to a semi-submerged tidal building, where a dry elevated viewing platform spotlights sculptures that are described as “hybrid forms, part-human, part-plant, part-coral.”

Everyone knows an art gallery is only as good as its opening party. But who will attend this one? Our guesses, below.

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