48 Hours In | Reykjavik

How to spend 48 hours in Björk’s hometown

by Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
Dec 27 2016, 12:00am

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and only a few hours from most European. But unlike many European metropolises, Reykjavik is totally manageable in 48 hours. Incredible nature, hot springs, food and culture make this the ideal city break.

Reykjavik 101

The cultural life of Reykjavik takes place in the area 101 and around a single street, which runs through 101. The best shops, bars and restaurants. The things that you should see in the city can be counted on one hand: the Art Museum is definitely worth a visit, as is the Harpa, which is located right at the harbour. You should follow the Icelanders and visit the inner city pools to relax too. Especially recommendable are Sundhöll and Vesturbæjarlaug (Björk is also a big fan so you might see her there). If you want to see the whole city at once, it’s worth taking a walk to the extreme end of the industrial harbour in Grandi, Hallgrímskirkja.

Try Local Specialities – cinnamon rolls and lamb sandwiches

You can find the best breakfast in Reykjavik in the Sandholt (try the pastry sandwich or sandwich with green cabbage and lamb) or at Reykjavik Roasters. Coffee is located on Kárastígur. There are all kinds of sweets from the Bakery Brauð & Co, which is in the immediate vicinity and you should also pay a visit. At the weekend the snake once goes around the block and inside you can watch the bakers as they push the bread into the oven and mold the cinnamon stars. (which you need to try). It’s so freshly produced that the pastry is still warm to the customer.

From a culinary perspective, Reykjavik has a lot to offer. There’s healthy fast food, like Noodle Station (soup that cooks 48 hours and is served as a vegetarian, chicken or beef option) and Gló (especially vegan and vegetarian cuisine that might not be fresher). Or for something more high end, head to To Messinn, a chic restaurant specializing in fish. For a more rustic and authentic cuisine, you should go to the Sea Baron at Íslenski Barinn. There you’ll find tasting portions of all typical specialties and Sjávargrillið.

Find Some Techno

When the day comes to an end, you should have a drink at Kaffibarinn before you go to the Paloma Bar to dance the night here. On two floors the night is made to the day, the gin and tonics are strong and the music is loud. The audience is a funny mix of locals and tourists, the music mostly techno and the mood always good.

Go On A Roadtrip

Ditch your hair of the dog for a ride out of town into the incredible surrounding nature. Follow the road which takes you to the famous Golden Circle. Þingvellir is the national park where you can not get out of the jam. Gullfoss is a waterfall that is also on the route, and worth seeing. If you have the opportunity to let you drive, take it and just look out the window. The light in Iceland is unique, just like the little things you discover when you look out into the wide nature through the disc.

Try Out The Secret Thermal Baths

Stop at Gamla Laugin or Secret Lagoon. Of course, you can also go to the world famous Blue Lagoon, but it gets booked weeks in advance and you can be sure that you have to share the pool with far too many people. The Secret Lagoon is quieter and more spacious. Let yourself drift in the hot water and drink a beer.